Upcoming events


  • SUnday Morning corporate Prayer

    Every sunday @ 9:30am

    Join the ranks of notable historic world changers !

    Early morning prayer before service in the sanctuary will set the stage of events to unfold in the service to follow. Be a part of history and earth shaking change that  will be brought about by our prayers. Increase in your prayer life, be encouraged, and be uplifted to new heights in your spiritual journey!

  • Evangelism Outreach

    call church office for details 954-680-9909

    How will they know unless you go?

    Join us to fulfill the great commission given to us all by Jesus Christ.

    You can make the difference!

    There are many looking for answers, significance, healing, and truth...

    We are answering the call. Let's do it together.

  • Men's Ministry #206

    july 8th @ 9:30am

    Make lasting bonds as you grow in Christ!

    Calling all men! The unique make up of men can forge unique partnerships. Produce great times of growth and memories.

    Every 2nd Saturday at 9:30am @ the church in room 206

    Be a part.

  • Women's Ministry #203

    JULY 8th @ 9:30am

    Ladies, it's time to share!

    This is your time to relax, socialize, and share the things of God with your fellow sisters in Christ. You won't want to miss this.

    Every 2nd Saturday @ 9:30am at the church in room 203.

    We'll see you then

  • Burning Ones - young Adults

    1st & 3rd Saturday of the month @ 7pm

    Burning Ones is a Young Adults Ministry that seeks to edify, educate and mentor our generation and propel them into their destiny's. If you are seeking fellowship, and a deeper understanding of the things of God join us! For question please call (954) 667-8461